Our new album “Natural” is finally ready

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At least! It took me about 6 months this time to compose, produce, record and design the album “Natural”. This new group of 4 songs under the concept of nature was a very interesting work, in one side because it makes me think about nature from another perspective constantly, and on another side because i had the possibility to share and create music with some very goods friends.

When i first started thinking about this new album i talked with my best friend Nacho Nais, and he gave me at that time a lot of ideas about thinking of the world view through mathematics and geometry as the configuration of everything we know in the world and the universe. Fantastic! There is a very big amount of information of what is called “Sacred Geometry” and all this information is about how the universe and nature is configured through geometry, vibrations and balance.

I found this very interesting because that is exactly what i want to do when writing for Los Blaster, open our minds to new ways of seeing life, the planet or the universe based on other cultures whose world view of life far exceeds the limited vision of modern society.