About the Chakana symbol. Andean Worldview and other stuff

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-15 a la(s) 22.13.44I have been using the chakana symbol since the beginning of Los Blaster. I think it has a very powerful meaning in South America, it has a very deepful meaning about how people of Andean Mountains see the world.

I started to study a lot about symbols before start using them, there are a lot and many of them have very interest messages. I try to use these symbols with a lot of respect, using them i’m trying to invite others to explore and know different views and worldviews that other people in this same planet has or had about Life or the Universe.

You can read more about the chakana in this link (in English) http://chakanahealing.com/about-chakana/the-chakana-a-universal-symbol. If you are looking for information about the chakana in spanish, just type chakana in Google and feel free to explore.